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Trinidad Carnival 2014

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Carnival in Trinidad 2017

Get ready for an amazing 2017.Launch parties have taken place for the various carnival bands or floats we bring you a front seat review.

Carnival in Rio

yep its not all over yet you can still catch up with the wild sensual stylish energetic rio carnival on carnival life

It trully is a festival of...We have said enough just log on...















Radio Carnival Life


Christmas Video

Enjoy some great seasonal music and videos from our legendary mixer.Traditional Parang,xmas reggae and other seasonal music



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Carnival 2016 Virtual Reality

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We are going to be bringing you some of the most exciting films from accross the world both in the stream as well as on demand.

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Cinestraem TV

Scruffy TV

Launching today music culture and live events from the caribbean


Calabash TV

Launching today great programmiing from

St Lucia

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Barbados TV at its best

Visit beachpartycrazezzzzaaa

Carnival Life Sale

Yep the Carnival Life Sale is now on.Get all of those christmas gifts that you are looking for.

All gifts are fun,colourful and a joy to have.




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